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Solar Pool Ionizer Purifier

Solar ionizer, Solar pool ionizer

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Solar pool ionizer, which may also be referred to as a swimming pool mineral sanitizer, typically uses copper and silver ions to eliminate bacteria and algae in the water. Silver ions are more instrumental in removing bacteria, while copper ions play a bigger role in preventing algae.

Solar pool ionizer purifier collects sunlight through its solar panel, and then converts it to low-voltage electricity. It uses solar technology to generate a safe, low voltage trickle feed of solar generated electricity to ionize the minerals copper ions into the water. In order to restrain the growth of algae and microorganisms.

Solar pool ionizer is a new revolutionary water purifier for the Algae-free and Chemical-free operation of your swimming pool. Solar pool ionizer still eliminates algae and bacteria, but doesn’t have so many negative sides.

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Solar pool ionizer for sale

Solar Pool Ionizer

Application: Home;
Pools: 80m³;
Output Voltage: 6V;
Gross weight: 1.6kg;

Solar Pool Ionizer

Application: Home;
Pools: 80m³;
Output Voltage: 6V;
Gross weight: 1.6kg;

Model OPS-902/OPS-903
Diameter 205mm
Height 155mm
Weight 1.1kgs/pc
Solar PV Panel Type Single crystal
Solar Panel Power 2~3 Watt
Solar Panel Volt 6 V
Panel diameter 150mm
Copper Anode Diameter 25mm
Copper Anode Length 80mm
Coil Material  304-BA Stainless steel
Mesh Basket PE material


Solar ionizer, Solar pool ionizer, Solar swimming pool ionizer, Sun shock chlorine-free pool ionizer and purifier suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
It's a highly efficient water disinfection and purification device that provides many benefits in comparison to other systems.

Algae-free crystal clear water
  • Kill Algae and Reduce the need of Chlorine.
  • Save your time for Algae-scrubbing.
  • Reduces Chlorine consumption by up to 80% and saves $300-$800 per year in chemicals alone.
  • Say goodbye to Algaecides and toxic Chemicals.
  • Recommended for pools up to 150 M3..
  • Works with all Pools & SPAs, In-ground, above-ground, saltwater, and chlorine pools..
  • Reduce eye and skin irritation caused by chlorine and other chemicals.

Healthy & Clean

Clean your pool witn sunlight, Say no to chlorine!
Bright sunshine, excellent air, beautiful environment, healthy and clean water!

How it works

While the solar pool ionizer purifier is floating on the water, the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity. This completely harmless low-voltage electrical current powers a Silver-Copper mineral alloy electrode below the waterline. This causes the release of mineral ions into the surrounding water that easily spread throughout the pool. Once the water has reached an optimal level of ionization, it will efficiently prevent the growth of microorganisms without the need to use chemical agents.

Some contaminants in your pool, such as dust, suntan lotion, body fluids, etc., are not affected by minerals. A build-up of these substances tends to cloud the water and therefore requires a minimal amount of chlorine to dissolve them and keep the water crystal clear. You can reduce the chlorine level by up to 85% with respect to the usual amount used, also providing you with significant financial savings in maintenance costs.

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How it works
How it works
How it works
How it works
Test Item Pool before Treatment Pool after Treatment
Total Coli from Group, MPN/100ml 9.2 *106 <2 
Total Number of Bacterial Colony, CFU/ml   1.3 * 106 120 
Copper, mg/L 0.008  0.921 
PH  7.82 7.12 
Temperature (Centigrade)  21 21 
Total Alkalinity as (Calcium Carbonate), mg/L  105   83
 Free Residual Chlorine, mg/L < 0.53   < 0.05
Cah (Calcium Carbonate), mg/L 135 123

How to use

Solar pool ionizer purifier up to 80m3 of water, it is perfect to eliminate viruses, bacteria and algae. Solar ionizer also helps to reduce the use of chlorine in your pool by 70%.

Step 1: Let the ONOSI Solar pool ionizer simply floats in the pool, make sure it under the sunlight.

Step 2: The solar panel converts sunlight into low voltage harmless electricity. The electrical current energies the anode releases mineral Cu ions into the water. Also the LED lights up.

Step 3: The Ionized water could inhibit the growth of microorganism and algae in pool. The solar pool ionizer also collects undesirable minerals such as calcium and iron. It has the effect of softening your water.

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How to use

Frequently asked questions

What is ionization?

This is a process in which an element acquires or loses electrons. The ionization of copper is the result of the discharge of copper ions.

How does the electrode work?

When the atoms of the copper electrode are ionized, the copper ions will diffuse in the water, and the effects of these ions on the microorganisms are fatal.

How does copper ionization purify water?

Copper ions penetrate the protective outer membrane of algae and bacterial cells, destroying the balance of enzymes, inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria, and cleaning and disinfecting water.

How long does it take to reach the effect?

It depends on many factors and usually takes 2 weeks.

How often should perform a maintenance?

It is recommended to clean the electrode once every one week using the brush supplied with the kit.

How to install?

No need to install, just take it out of the box and put it in water.

Should you continue to use chlorine?

Yes, because some contaminants (such as sunscreen) still make the water turbid, so a small amount of chlorine is needed to keep the water clean and clear.

Need always put in the pool?

Yes, unless the water quality status shows ‘too much copper’, but this possibility is almost non-existent.

Will it leak water?

Solar pool ionizer purifier is very tightly sealed and generally does not cause water to leak into the interior and cause the water droplets to condense (unless there is a break).

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